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Big Blue Productions

Translating all synopses, character descriptions and scripts for 5x episodes

of CRASH (Rampvlucht) for KRO-NCRV which won the Golden Calf for Best

Drama Series in 2022. Translating all episodes of the comedy/drama series 

This is Gonna be Great . Translating all episodes of Don't fall, dance based 

on Margot van Schayk's book Ik val niet, ik dans. Translating all episodes of

 THULE - an epic utopian series based on the trilogy by Thea Beckman.

Translating an extensive pitch for Meisjes van de Volkskrant. 

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Faithfully Yours.JPG

Millstreet Films

Translating the film script for the thriller Faithfully Yours directed by André van Duren and starring Bracha van Doesburgh and Elise Schaap among others. Translating an extensive pitch and scripts of episodes for the Drama series: Máxima Zorreguieta: Moederland  based on the bestseller of the same name by Marcia Luyten to be directed by Anne de Clercq.

Levitate Film

Official translator for the feature film The Forgotten Battle (De Slag om de Schelde) - directed by Matthijs van Heijningen jr. On standby to translate all the revisions to the shooting script. Translation of the synopses of The Jewish Council (De Joodse Raad), followed by the translation of all five episodes of this WW II drama series based on actual events. Translation of various versions of the film script Stromboli, based on the book by Saskia Noort. Editing the press kit for Love in a Bottle, Paula van der Oest's latest and innovative feature film. Translation various projects for Creative Europe.

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The Jewish Council.jpg
De Idylle poster.png

Studio Ruba

Translating all script versions of De Iydlle by Aaron Rookus. Translating all script versions of

Kiddo a tragicomedy/road movie directed by Zara Dwinger which has its world premiere at the Berlinale and was nominated for six Golden Calf awards at the Dutch Film Festival.

Topkapi Films & TV

Numerous translations of the scenario Layla M directed by Mijke de Jong | diverse translations of treatments | synopses | producers' notes | screenwriter's notes |director's notes | company vision | European application for 5 different projects | loglines | mini-treatment - Mission Earth (Missie Aarde) | Media Slate | translation complete dossier of Turbulent Skies (Vliegende Hollanders) and Elixir for application Mediafonds | devising international title and translation of the reviews for A Noble Intention (Publieke Werken) | translation of 2x treatments and 4 episodes  for Turbulent Skies (Vliegende Hollanders) | Translation of writer's & producers vision for Walking on Water | translation of the scenario Amsterdamaged (De Afrekening) | translation of the scenario Orange Fever (Gek van Oranje) | translation of the scenario Longstay | translation of the scenario Tailgater (Bumperkleef) | translation of an extensive treatment and other text for Bonita Avenue based on Peter Buwalda's brilliant best seller of the same title | translation of episodes 1 & 2 of Towers of Power (De Zuidas) | translation of feature film Instinct, a drama taking place in the world of psychiatry directed by Halina Reijn and starring Carice van Houten and Marwan Kenzari |  translation of the pilot episode of Urk, a dark comedy crime series written by Tom Bakker | translating the script of Bears Love Me written by Janneke van der Pal and directed by Eva M.C. Zanen for part of Telefilm 2019 | translating the pitch document for Be Invisible (Wees Onzichtbaar)  a touching coming of age series directed by Mijke de Jong | translating the series plan of Elixir an 8-part medical mafia series. Translation of an extensive synopsis/treatment of Mister Onkel (Meester Onkel) for Netflix.

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De Stamhouder TV serie.JPG

Column Film

Translating the original script and later the revised version of Jackie and Oopjen  family feature film directed by Annemarie van de Mond for the AVROTROS. Translating episodes 1 through to 8 - and all subsequent rewrites - of The Heir (De Stamhouder) drama series based on the critically acclaimed non-fiction book by Alexander Münninghoff portraying his fascinating family history| translating pitch document for Bouta - a tv-series about the independence of Suriname. Translating a comprehensive outline for The Nation including the pilot episode nd various pitch documents for upcoming productions. Translating the script for youth feature film Bruno wordt een superheld. Translating the pitch for INCOGNITO.

NewBe TV

Translating the script Gewoon Boef a striking docuseries about Dutch rapper and influencer Boef (Sofiane Boussaadia) for Videoland. Translating the pitches for two projects in development: Lieve Liefde and Hofstadgroup.

Gewoon Boef.jpg
Moloch NL Film & TV.jpg

NL Film & TV

Translating the Story Doc and episode 1 of METROPIA - a 12-part Sci-fi youth drama series about friendship, trust and a community living in a self-sufficient village below ground. Translating the script for the horror feature film Moloch.

Translating the pitch for Loverboy Amsterdam

Rinkel Film 

Translating episodes 1 through to 7 of Women of the Night (Keizersvrouwen) a TV drama series inspired by a true story. 10 x 50 minute episodes (3 seasons). AVROTROS and Netflix. Translating the film script of RED (ROOD) an inspiring family drama. Translating the script for the feature film Out of this World (Iedereen is van de Wereld) inspired by a true story.

Keizersvrouwen poster.jpg
De Schuldige - Ginger Fiction.png

Ginger Fiction

Translating the first two episodes of The Guilty  (De Schuldige) a compelling drama series about a mother who crosses her own boundaries to cover up her child's boundlessness.

SKOOP Media (formerly DFGE)

Writing and/or translating various synopses for their website. Script assessments on an ongoing basis. Translating synopsis and script for the feature film Floor Rules (De Regels van Floor). Translating text for International Brochure for Ava's Amazing Ears (Ava's Oren). Translating the pitch for Face Up, B*tch. Translating the script for the horror feature film PAN.

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Ava's Amazing Ears.jpg
Toen ik je zag.jpg

Nuts & Bolts Film Company 

Translating the filmscript  When I Saw You (Toen ik je zag) - Drama/Romance - based on the true story of Antonie Kamerling, as described in the book of the same name by Isa Hoes. Scenario + director: Ben Verbong Release: 2020. 


Translation biography of Anne de Clercq | translation of two short texts | translation of the synopsis Hartenstrijd | translation of the synopsis Coeur de Paris (Hartje Parijs) | translation short synopsis Oh Baby  | translating the treatment of Hartenstraat de series | translating synopsis of Losers | translating proposal and synopsis of WhiteStar. Translating synopsis and plan of action for Swingers. Creating a dialogue list for WhiteStar the movie. Translating the treatment and character descriptions for the feature film Swingers.

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